Washington State Community College Consortium For Study Abroad


Posted by Virginia Gabby On October - 3 - 2009

What is WCCCSA?

WCCCSA (Washington Community College Consortium for Study Abroad) is a group of community colleges that have joined together in a consortium to provide quality Study Abroad programs for 2-year college students. There are currently 17 colleges in the consortium from across the state of Washington.  WCCCSA is pronounced: “wick-suh”.

WCCCSA’s Mission Statement

As a statewide, multi-agency organization, the Washington State Community College Consortium for Study Abroad is committed to offering a variety of affordable, credit bearing study abroad programs in geographically diverse sites. Our programs are designed to support the first time traveler, emphasize academic and cultural learning, and strive to prepare students for their role in a global society.

How does WCCCSA work?

WCCCSA selects international locales and manages the academic component of each Study Abroad program. Each college contributes to program development, faculty selection, and student recruitment. Faculty are selected from our member colleges to teach on our programs abroad (language and culture are taught by local instructors). Students register for courses at the home campus, and credits and grades are posted on the student’s home campus transcript. WCCCSA partners with the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) to provide on-site services including air travel, housing accommodations, and classroom space. AIFS also provide on-site staff who are available to help students during the study abroad program. For more information about  AIFS, go to the AIFS website.